Based on the Cotswold Style, the exterior of this house had to capture the pastoral qualities of its southwestern English country origin while the interior reflected our client’s metropolitan ambitions. The design of the house maintains the typical characteristics of the cotswold style with its asymmetrical and steep, complex roof line. The floor plan includes small, irregularly-shaped rooms along a major axis while the upper bedrooms have sloping walls with dormers. The interior design used these qualities to define a strategy of creating individual rooms with their own character tied together through a common theme of tonal colors.

Each room is furnished to serve its activity while being flexible enough to accommodate the relaxed lifestyle of summers in the Hamptons. As with many of our projects, our goal was to create a sophisticated, clean, and elegant atmosphere reflective of our client’s personalities and lifestyle. Working closely with the clients, we were able to choose materials, furniture, art and lighting to best represent their character and how they wanted to be portrayed. (Sq ft: 18,000)