Grade New York - Potato Road

Potato Road

GRADE’s architecture and interior design focus for this illustrious waterfront home was to create a seamless, luxury living space that blends interior spaces with the outdoors while harnessing ocean views.
Grade New York - Stone House

Stone House

Juxtaposing natural materials like cedar and limestone, GRADE creates a striking angular façade for its Stone House. Utilizing clean lines, vast planes and premium materials this abode is an eye-catcher among traditional Hamptons residences.
Grade New York - Shiplap House

Shiplap House

Pushing the envelope for residential Hamptons aesthetic, GRADE’s Shiplap House was meticulously designed to emphasize an open floor plan and merge indoor and outdoor spaces.
Grade New York - Modern Shingle

Modern Shingle

An exquisite blend between the classic and the contemporary, GRADE’s Modern Shingle project utilizes the best of both worlds to create an unparalleled 21st century estate.